Cycling injury 4 weeks prior a sportif day

Hi all
I had an accident 48 hours ago and my left knee and left Gluteus maximums had been injured by the road rash.
Also my left arm was injured but the arm is healing rapidly.
Both injuries are covered and treated.

Of course I have some mobility issues and walking still an issue but I would like to work on something to slow down loosing my fitness.

What would you recommend for it please
Best regards

Sorry about your accident.

Have you talked to your doctor in depth about your injury? If it’s just swelling and road rash I’d say you’d be okay to ride easy/endurance until you can put pressure back on your knee and use your glute. If it’s a deeper issue then you need to proceed with caution. Wait for instructions from your doctor and take it one day at a time. Patience is key with injury, otherwise you could prolong it.

You wont lose much fitness if you’re out for a week or two, the main thing is to get healthy again so you can enjoy riding your bike.

Feel better,
Coach Allie