Cycling Hierarchy of Needs

On a (recent?) podcast, I thought @FRANK was talking about the Cycling Hierarchy of Needs, maybe somewhat like Maslow. :smile: It might have been the Winning In The Kitchen, but cant remember.

My chicken scratch notes had the following, but is this listed/documented somewhere?

  1. Do you have a plan?
  2. Are you following the plan?
  3. Are you resting/sleeping?
  4. Are you winning in the kitchen?
  5. other?!?!?!?

Love me some Maslow but I don’t recall when/where I said that :crazy_face:

Maybe @Jackson does ? Might have to go back and listen to them all from the beginning, lol.

#5 could be a whole list of items. A long list - could write a book. Maybe it was on the Coaching Philosophy Podcast here: