CX Run workout #1

The first run workout on the 6 weeks to CX plan is:

2 sets of 5 x 20 second Hill Repeats

I haven’t done any running since last September. Should I do a break in run first before diving into hill repeats?

This is the complete workout description:

5 x 20 second Hill Repeats

4 Key Cyclocross Running Workouts! - YouTube

Find 20-30 sec GRASS HILL and/or Stairs:

5 min JOG - Easy!

Stretch: Hamstrings & Quads

20 Jumping Jacks

Run at 85% Race Pace up the Hill for 20 secs

WALK down the hill

Repeat 4 more times

Go Home and Roll out your Legs , do Yoga and/or Recovery

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Our CX Run Philosophy

I gave it the old college try. it was ugly…