CX RACE & RECOVER Plan adjustments


I purchased the race and recovery plan and was hoping to get it adjusted to correspond with my racing schedule which is Thursdays (weekly training races x2) and Sundays (USAC race). Not sure how the recovery sessions fit into this type of schedule.

Thanks! Tom

Hey Tom!

To get a plan adjusted by one of us you need to purchase a coaching subscription.

This is separate from buying the plans.

However with the plans you can ask questions, just like you did and we can help you out a bit. But adjustments, analysis and etc is saved for our members who have the coaching subscription.

So with racing on Thursday and Sunday you will need a bit of recovery between. The best option maybe to preform the ‘lighter’ workout of the week on Wednesday and treat this as openers for your training race. The training race will simulate the harder weekday workout. Friday off, Saturday race openers and Sunday race. Then on Monday have an off recovery day and Tuesday a light cyclocross skills / zone 2 day.

If no race on the weekend this is a great time to put in some extra training time so do some longer rides with a few efforts and get in some good TSS!

Make sure you keep in a rest week so take the Tuesday off, and light spin on Wednesday before Thursdays training race.

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And per Jake’s suggestions here how to adjust your plan yourself :smile:

Clif Notes: Left Click > drag 'n drop

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