CTL after not recording data

I’ve been training for the past 6-7 months but have not been using power or HR data until 1 month ago. My powers over this period were probably more endurance range as I was struggling with a back injury. I’m in the process of planning my upcoming season. Given I only have 4 weeks of data to go off of, how do I estimate my CTL to start the 2020 season in early January. Thanks


After 42 days of data recording your CTL will be accurate so by Jan 1 I think it’ll be accurate even if you haven’t been recording data prior to Thanksgiving.

IOW start recording now (Dec 2nd) and your CTL by Jan 1 will be pretty darn close. Don’t forget to #FtFP!

Awesome. Makes sense. Thanks for the prompt reply. Will strive to FTFP!

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