Crusher in the Tushar: Must Read Course Specifics

My fellow Crushers - 5 days to go! You’ve gotten as fast as you are gonna get - trust the taper and channel that nervous energy to race day.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast and watched our ‘how to’ video here you go:

@Jackson and I go thru each climb and feed station and what to know about the course. Good luck and if you have any last minute questions, post them here!!

Thanks Frank. Two questions- what should I expect from the taper (will I feel like a million bucks and just need to resist the urge to go out too fast)? Second question- are you and Jackson doing a live show?

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Hey @eliotbowytz - I think you will feel good but this is where feeling how hard you can push up that first hour climb really helps.

Heart rate is actually really good in a taper because threshold heart rate is the same under taper conditions. Maybe a beat or two higher.

You’ll prolly feel slightly better than you did this past Saturday.

Hope that helps ! No live show, sorry!