Crosstraining for Z2

What’s your take on crosstraining and z2 training in general?

I live in northern Europe and it’s gets quite cold in here during winter months. Right now there’s over one meter of snow in the ground and temperatures are around -10°C. Winter usually lasts from December to early April.

I’ve done quite a bit of xc-skiing over the years and I really like it. So would it be sufficient to replace the z2 sessions with xc-skiing (skate style mostly) and do the higher intensity sessions (sweetspot and tempo) indoors on a trainer. It’s way easier to stay warm when skiing compared to riding a bike and doing 5hr rides indoors feel just miserable. Ideas?


Nordic skiing is phenomenal cross training :muscle:

Depending on how technically proficient you are at skate skiing and your ability to glide and keep your heart rate below threshold - its a great way to do your longer endurance training outdoors as opposed to indoors.

You are on the right track to do the shorter structured workouts indoors and your longer endurance session on the xc skis.

I have athletes record their xc ski sessions with the bike computer and we look at duration, terrain, average heart rate and hrTSS. Its a great way to track your training and merge it with your cycling training.

We are working on an hrOTS for just this reason - really good way to blend your bike OTS with your cross training.


Glad to hear that! I’ll stick to my plan and keep skiing as it’s something I truly enjoy.

Heart rate based OTS sounds fantastic. It would make tracking overall stress much simpler since at the moment it’s just questimating and a bit difficult to apply. Can’t wait the launch!

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We have already launched and you can vote for the hrOTS feature here: