Cross roads - where too from here?

Hi guys,

I have just completed the first 4 weeks of the intermediate Sweet Spot Base 2 plan with this week being a regeneration week. I completed the weight lifting plan prior but have found the first 4 weeks of the current plan challenging and have had to reduce the number of reps / sets mid week accordingly due to general fatigue. For eg: this week being a rest week which scheduled 2x15min sweet spot one day and 4 x 12 min tempo on another day plus 3hr group ride Sat… I did 2hr Z2 one day, 3x5min tempo another day and 2hr 40min on the Sat.

Although I rode 11,000km last year (which is why I bypassed the sweet spot base 1 plan) I feel I do not have a big enough underlying base fitness to complete the number of reps/sets on the plan. I stuck to the weight lifting plan fairly well but did not do the 30min w/u w/d before lifting which reduced my time on the bike.

I plan to complete another 8 weeks of the sweet spot plan but unsure how to go about the next 8 weeks before delving into intervals. My goal is to take down some strava PB hills (10min - 20min hills) before June 30.

Any feedback much appreciated.

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Hi @sam - after sweet spot 2 move onto sweet spot part 3.

Use the Performance Manager Chart to manage your form so that you are on ‘on form’ for when you want to be (June?July/Aug, Fall?)

Other questions to ask yourself, what is your CTL - do you need more or less base?