Cross only, why stop strength so soon?

With no racing, I picked up the Strava cross program for this year and am really enjoying it! So much so that I also grabbed the 24 week off season cross plan to start in January. I’m a bit confused as to why the cross plan has strength training stop so soon? In my 40s and am told the need for consistent strength training is more important as I age. Seems that cutting it out so far away from season starting is doing just the opposite. I dabble in a few gravel events over spring/summer, but really just care about cross in the fall. I am sure there is a reason for it, but I’m a bit unclear as to why strength stops so soon. Thanks!

Frank and Jackson answer why to this in the latest podcast “Weight Lifting for Cycling” :wink:

Hi there @jesse.hawk - why are you confused? The off season cx plan has the traditional 10 weeks of weights.

Will have a listen, thanks!

I interpreted the part of his question you quoted to be “why don’t we lift longer than the X weeks called out for in the plan?”

I could be wrong…

Correct, just seems that some strength work March-sept would be beneficial.

the off season cx plan is meant to be followed Jan - May, not now … that may be part of the confusion…

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Get your answer or still looking?

10 weeks is ALL the strength training you need. Remember you are a bike racer not a weight lifter and its a matter of how your time is best spent training with the time you do have each day.

Watch here:

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Will FtFP starting in Jan with plans to start cross season bundle after. Thanks for the responses!

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