Criterium leg openers and pre-race warm-up

Hey Fascats!

I just finished my “Intervals for Criteriums” plan and now racing weekly in some short crits. Just wondering if I should use the same leg openers and pre-race warm-up workouts from my CX training plan to prepare for weekly Criteriums?


P.S. the podcast on Fatique Dependent Training was really helpful. I used that information to figure out the training need between races.

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Yeah you can use those. Criterium sand cyclocross are all about going full gas! So you need to be opened and ready.

Can do 4 x 45 seconds ON; 90 seconds OFF Full gas as pre race openers. Then race day warm up can ramp up to threshold briefly, than complete 2 s 30 seconds ON; 30 seconds OFF Full Gas!


Thanks Jake. One clarification needed; are the 4x45 seconds ON day before or day of race?

Day before. In the middle of a 1hr Zone 2 ride.