Corona Indoor Plan no Zwift .zwo for sync/export?


The Zone5/VO2 3 Minuters last week synced to Zwift correctly, however the 4 minuters did not sync this morning. I tried a manual export but there is no .zwo file on the workout.

This is the same for the 5 minuters next week - how can I get the Zwift .zwo setup so I can sync or export this to Zwift?

This is for export of the 5 minuters.

I recognize that for the TSS rides there is no workout, but for these Zone5’s I would like to have the sync to Zwift.

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Hi. I’m not a coach, but maybe it is because the 3min workout is based on power while 4/5min on heart rate. If you modify the units to %FTP, it will appear on zwift. Hope it helps.
By Nico
Schermata 2020-04-02 alle 09.05.57

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Sorry about that but @djbeppo470 is right. This is a typo on our end but if you switch the HR function over to power you should be able to export. Its just a pull down tab in the upper right of the workout box when you expand the workout builder function.

Thanks for spotting this! I’ll make the change in our plan.