Contacting Fascat from Europe

Hello. All
How is possible to contact Fascat from Europe NOT over the forum for few questions please?
Or even call I could try?
I would prefer not to share on the forum these questions

Many thanks

For that @adlerlucsi - you would need to hire a coach.

A 30 minute phone call is included every 4 weeks with our coaching:

Hi Frank

@FRANK Many thanks for your quick response
I am completely confused and I truly sorry if I misunderstood

I payed for 2 plans and the extra coaching
But every few days I get more emails to get coaching.
Also on my first review of coaching btw thank you for Isiah I was told I am not entitled for more than a very basic review like CTL.
I am not sure if I understood it correctly but the way i was told is a bit more than that.

So if I did not purchased the extra part of the coaching what is difference between me and others who just purchased a plan?
They more technical or younger and capable? I am not ?
That what I wanted to keep away from the forum.
Also many questions are asked on forum and I agree you cannot advise everyone but I thought I did purchased the extra for a bit of extra of hand holding. But I might be wrong and I apologise for that.
And if I a correct maybe for me is not suitable the service. You are welcome to see my coaching responses
BTW I am still praising your services in Ireland but I could be fully misunderstood the service

But if you guys don’t know what I purchased it’s ok

Many thanks