Consistent pressure on the pedals

I have recently been doing my Z2 training rides on a stretch of road with little interruption. This is very different to riding for say 2hrs avg Z2 power. Your legs feel different after the ride and aerobically you feel you have made some gains.

I actually think a lot of people do there their longer rides as ‘accumulated time rides’ rather than consistent duration and more to the point consistent pedalling.

A lot of coaches / literature harp on about consistent pressure on the pedals, pedalling on the downhills as well as up. A lot of people can handle bunch rides but cannot put out 200w for an hour on a trainer.

I would be interested in Fascat’s feedback and how important this type of training is.

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There is a lot to be said for truly steady riding where you are on the pedals the entire time. This is something I work quite a bit with my athletes on, where you minimize the “fluff miles” or coasting/Z1 time. Generally you target this early on in base season to get the athlete adapted early to not relying on that coast time. This can be tricky depending on where the athlete lives and of course you need to keep in mind the athletes goals as to how important this becomes.