Completed SS1, and questions on what is next

Hi team – I completed the SS1 and here are my thoughts and questions:

  1. I really liked the presence of a plan to guide me through a week at a time. I did my best to follow precisely but I did have to improvise a bit and also took some riding liberty on nicer days and went beyond what was prescribed. Overall – kept it close.

  2. FTP increased by just under 12 percent over the 6 weeks, surely more than it would have otherwise.

  3. I had to get used to riding a bit less in term of distance, along with less climbing, in exchange for a program with more structure and focus on improving FTP. I probably had quite a few “empty” miles in the past but, but I did miss more time on the road on nice days.

  4. I did not have a power meter until late in the program so was going on HR, RPE, and calculated power via strava. The first two were very had to work with, which was reinforced when I got the power meter. My starting FTP came off of the best available indoor source at the time – Peloton Bike. When I completed the 6 weeks, I did 20 minute test first on the Peloton and then outside with new power meter, using normalized power. Totally different experiences but the numbers were almost identical – good news. The go-forward will likely be power meter (Favero duo pedals) but good to know I have an option.

  5. SO, the question becomes what I’d consider for the next step. I do not have hard and fast target event for 2021 and I am not a racer. In normal times, I am probably 7-10 hours per week, with 4 hours being the likely longest type ride, 2.5 hours more the norm on each weekend day, and then 60-90 min per ride during the week. I may enter a time trial event (10k) in the spring, and also consider more long distance riding, with an expectation of more longer, slower, riding on consecutive days. Nothing is planned now though so I am not counting on it. So the question is around the right way to keep improving and focused on the right data, but having the flexibility to pivot to other types of riding as the year progresses. Wiggle room within a structured plan so I can take advantage of good riding opportunities that pop up – weather, groups, etc.

Thanks for the SS1 Plan – it sure seemed to work for FTP and feedback from the forum was helpful as well!

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Awesome @james.rowe - congrats on the improvement

To keep the improvement going, I’d encourage you to lifting some weights specific to cycling. We have two plans: one for at home and one ‘in person’.

This will be your ‘On Season’ training and afterwards repeat your sweet spot part 1 plan and then progress on to parts 2 & 3 and maybe even 4 if there is no goal (yet).

When those 10k TT’s come around be sure to do our time trial intervals plan for the six weeks of training leading in to the event:

Hope that helps - keep going because one six week plan is just the tip of the iceberg for the improvement you can achieve:
Tip of the Iceberg

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Thanks Frank. Two questions

  1. Our local gym is reopening so I should assume at home or at gym options are equally effective here? I don’t have a squat rack but our gym does, along with kettle bells.

  2. What about cycling in addition to what is in the plan? I am in SF Bay Area so, as long as its pretty dry, should be able to be outside a fair amount in the winter.

Thanks again.


If you can goto the gym safely that will net you greater gains by using their equipment: squat, leg press & leg curl.

The plan does designate riding in addition to the lifting - see the example 2 week training calendar on the product page. Weekends are for endurance rides and you will lift Mondays - Fridays.

Thanks Frank. I’ll move forward with the gym plan and then figure out how to bring it home if new Covid closures impact access. I might start in third week or so of November just so I can get in more hours of riding (more than might work with the weight plan at the same time) while the weather is still ok. 12 weeks after than will be just before March.



Hey Frank and Lacy – I see the recent Forum thread about options so here is my situation. Our gym has slimmed back openings so I can’t be sure of regular access. That is where the best machines and gear reside, and I don’t have squat rack at home. Therefore, it seems like I might just need to mix and match until things normalize – Some days at home and some at gym when I can reserve time. It may not fit perfectly with the Training Peaks plan tracking but if I can manage the basics for a period of time, I can then pivot to to a more permanent adjustment when the gym totally reopens.

Not optimal but seems workable so let me know if you’d suggest otherwise.

Thank you. Sorry to add one more scenario.

Hi @james.rowe -

I/we recommend getting on the at Home Weight Lifting plan but skipping the squat until things normalize. The ViPR and kettlebell movements will be a nice improvement.

Move thru those 12 weeks* sans squat and then move onto your sweet spot base.

*treat reserving time at the gym like a part time job so you can do as much of the squatting on the plan as possible. But for now best to be on a plan - I am not so sure the mixing and matching is the right call.

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Good advice. Thanks Frank. I appreciate your responsiveness to the forum posts.


Just to re-verify one thing. I recall a recommendation of 5-6 kg for vipr. I know weights go higher but assume this weight range is seen as most appropriate, especially for first time vipr users. Thanks

Quoting Coach Frank from a previous thread in the forum:

4 kg - go light bc its more about the movement than the amount of weight. If you have the ability to buy a second ViPR, buy an @ 8kg one to use for the Hypertrophy and Strength phase

So 4kg during the Adaptation and Power phases and then 8kg for the Hypertrophy and Strength phases