Combining two long Rides?

Work constraints are causing me to miss my 2.5hr SweetSpot ride tomorrow. But, I’ll have Sunday free, so could I combine my missed ride with the scheduled 2hr Freestyle ride?

Obiously on a regular basis I see this as a no-no, but as a one time option, is this acceptable to meet my weekly TSS?


How many hours are you working tomorrow? Not 24 - and you need to sleep 8 hours so that leaves ____ hours to train.

A training plan revision like this would be covered in our Coaching Subscription if you are interested. Its really hard to answer this question without looking at your training plan as a whole. I generally do not recommend combining Sat/Sun on Sunday.

Work was from about 8am until 2:30pm, with family commitments the rest of the afternoon today. I intend to do about 3.5 hours tomorrow with 60-75 min of Sweet Spot tomorrow.