Combination of TSS/TSB/ATL

Coach Jake,
After Saturday’s ride where I had hero legs, I started to wonder what the magical combination of fitness, fatigue, and from is for me to be in peak form. Is there a way to estimate that using my PMC history? Last week was not an easy week yet on Saturday it was go time. Could that have been estimated given my PMC or was it just a fleeting hero day? My thought here is that if I knew the numbers peaking for a future event may not be that much guess work.


With WKO I can plug in peak power performances on the PMC so I can see if there is a correlation between CTL / TSB and the peak power numbers. Not sure if we can run the same data points in a chart on TrainingPeaks.

Would have to do more manually. Looking to see where your peak power numbers were this year, the rides where you felt really good and then compare it to what your CTL and TSB was. See if there is a correlation. This is something I do with athletes I coach especially at the start of the year when designing a training plan and deciding how much training and rest needs to be done before key events.

I can help you go through you data this year but give me some time to look over it.