Cold Climate Long Rides

I started 16week SST Intermediate in December, which means in a couple weeks I have some 4 and 5hr Saturday rides. All good, except I live in the Midwest. Trying to avoid more than 2hrs on the trainer Best options assuming it will be too cold to get out below for feedback.

A. Keep overall week hours and add to other days including doing endurance on Friday, which should be an off day.

B. Start outside, finish inside getting around 3hrs

C. Just do 2hrs, but try and hit TSS

D. ??

D: start outside, finish all the hours inside. How bad do you want it?

Also depends what your goals are and when they are because timing is everything


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Is it possible to start a workout on a head unit like a 530 when outside then resume on watch (Fennix) when inside? Or vice versa?

I don’t think so… rather bring your 530 inside with you and be sure the auto pause is off. Continue recording the data on that. or vice versa with your Fenix.

You can also record on both (no rules against) but AFAIK it is not possible to record data continuously from one device to another. You could switch but two different ride files would be created.

I just bring my bike computer inside with me and keep recording…

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