Climbing intervals advanced

Hi there Fascat,

Just setting up my next few months with your plans and I’ve loaded up Climbing Intervals advanced. One question for you:

  • On week five on the Saturday it has two long workouts and a total week TSS of 1036 as a result. Is this a mistake as this seems quite a lot and a big jump from the previous week? Maybe I’ve done something wrong to make this happen but I’m not sure which session to delete.

Thanks for looking

It’s the same on week 2 & 3 also. One workout says ‘Don’t worry about intervals’ and the next workout on the same day is an intervals workout.

Hi Frank,

I’ve done this particular plan twice already, You’ve done nothing wrong, on that day just choose to do the workout that best suits you.


Ah gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks very much, Malcolm.