Checking to see if I am on right track

Hello, its been a while since I’ve checked in on here. I am currently doin the cyclocross off season plan with weights. Despite all the craziness going on, I’ve been able to follow plan to about 95% I would say. 100% on the weight portion, on the running, I may have done 4 sets instead of 5. Weekends, have been the only issue for me. Sometimes no small groups to ride with, or one weekend went to bentonville and just rode a lot vs following a formula.
Just wanted someone to look over my TP to see if numbers are where they should be etc…

Hi Mike,

So the first thing I look at is your performance manager chart. This is where we can see how your fitness is building. We look at your CTL (Chronic Training Load - blue line). Once you finish your resistance training (strength training) we want to see this go up! This is base building. Slowly increasing your daily workload.

As you can see in your chart this is exactly what has happened over the course of the last few weeks. It has began it’s slow incline. The blue dotted line is project CTL based on planned TSS. If you continue to #FtFTP as well as you have it will continue to go up.

Yeah we would recommend you not doing group rides at the moment. Better to practice safe social distancing. So with the group rides in the training plan you will just have to push yourself! Find climbs to hit at sweet spot or segments. Basically just freestyle these efforts. Look to get in 55 - 60 TSS per hour on these rides.

Looking at some your sweet spot group rides that you have done, which have been solo, your TSS is coming out lower. But they are the ones based on heart rate TSS. I think your heart rate threshold is set too high. You have it set at 156 bpm and your field test was at 150 bpm average. So might want to knock that back slightly so you get more accurate Heart rate TSS for those rides.

I was actually looking at the previous 2 x 15 minute sweet spot efforts you did on April 15th and your heart rate was only averaging 136 and 138 bpm for the sweet spot efforts where previously it was around 142 - 145 bpm for sweet spot efforts. So just going into them with two days rest and after the previous day training you had some really good efforts!

Also on April 21st you did 273 watt average for your 15 minute threshold effort. This was only a few watts less than your field test! So that was a really hard effort. Followed that up with an effort at 258 watts which was still 98% of your FTP. So that was good.

Your freestyle sweet spot ride this past weekend you did 43 minutes of zone 3/4 time which is good as we were looking to get in 45, but you also had 20 minutes of zone 5/6. Might be a bit much on a sweet spot ride but good to see you can ride hard and freestyle group rides like that! That is what that really was. You did 66 TSS per hour! That’s a pretty solid pace.

You are doing good like I said. You just want to continue to increase your overall workload like the plan has and see your CTL continue to rise! Ideally you will feel like the efforts are feeling more comfortable. But it won’t be easy as the workload is increasing.

Does this help? Any other questions?

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Wow, this is great! You probably looked more into my file more than any other coach has. Thank you! Yea this past weekend I forgot to switch around the sweet spot group ride from Saturday to sunday. Sunday was a tough one, where Saturday was a little too easy, but it was nice to ride with some friends easy out on the trails. I will make the changes on my TP. The ride you are referring to that was heart rate TSS only was MTB ride. NO power on any of my MTB’s I just go by feel

Yeah that is fine with a mountain bike. Fun way to get in a ‘group’ ride feel as your effort is very dynamic and you hit all zones typically. But you can use heart rate to gage the overall effort. Just thought I would mention the threshold heart rate and what I saw.

No worries on an ‘easier’ day here or there. You have to allow yourself a little fun mixed in. All most all of us do this just for fun.

Keep up the good work!