Check those bolts!

Hi all- Just had an athlete’s seat shift to an unrideable position while leading a race this weekend. This is a great reminder to check over EVERY SINGLE BOLT on you bike and shoe cleats to make sure everything is set to the correct torque spec. Also, be sure to make sure your cassettes are on tight, too. How about your tires/tubulars? Are they still glued on well? Leave nothing to chance. You have spend lots of time and money to get to CX Nats - don’t let a silly oversight like a loose bolt ruin your day! CHECK EVERYTHING!


Yes, check your torques. But don’t re-torque an already tight fastener or you’ll risk torquing to yield instead of to spec. More than a few carbon handlebars and seatposts have been crushed that way! If you want to check torque, loosen it first and then torque to spec.

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