Changes to SS3 plan?

I applied SS1, SS2 and SS3 intermediate plans to my calendar a few months back, and did some rearranging to make sure I got 3 weeks on, 1 week off schedule.
Today I applied SS3 plan for a later date to compare the workouts to what I had entered a few months ago. To me it seems that some of the workouts and durations are now a bit different in the SS3 plan. Am I imagining this? Or did the SS3 plan change in my Training Peaks library?


Still looking for an answer on this one…

I’m gonna go with you are probably imagining this. It’s possible with all the rearranging that you probably mixed things up inadvertently? I say this because I did exactly the same thing, with the exact same plans, 3 on 1 off, for SS1, SS2 & SS3. Then only to discover the season goals have changed then to rearrange things again, it became such a balls up that I just removed all the plans from the calendar and plotted them from scratch again. It was easier since I’ve not started any workouts at the time. Hope this helps.

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Hey Kyle! The plan should be the same, I am not sure if you changed the plan on your end. I can unshare and reshare it with you to ensure that the version that you have is correct!

Thanks Lacey. That would be great if you reshare to make sure I have the correct plan (SS3 intermediate).

I compared the SS3 plan to last year when I also did the same plan. I definitely didn’t make any modifications last year.
In picture below, the first week shows SS3 plan, week #2 from my TP calendar from a year ago. Second week shows SS3 plan, week #2 from the plan that I scheduled to start next month. Changes are mostly minor, but nevertheless a bit different. Other weeks also show some differences.

I just shared the correct plan with you, go ahead and accept it via the link TrainingPeaks send you. Once you do that, let me know if you are having any issues with the correct workouts showing up.

Thank you so much! It looks better now. Interval workouts are matching again with last year.

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You are more than welcome, glad we got it sorted out :raised_hands:t3: