Castelli FasCat Kit Order! (ends Feb 8th)

delivered April 5th (ish)

Hey FasCats! We have opened up our Castelli store for you to order a FasCat jersey, bibs, long sleeve and even vest.

IMPORTANT the store closes February 8th and you will receive your kit 8 weeks from then, roughly April 5th.

Step 1. Click on this link (don’t copy & paste it, into your browser)

If the link you’re sharing looks any different to the above it won’t work.

Step 2. For returning Castelli customer’s login into your account. For new customers click ‘Create new account”

Step 3. SEE Image Below. This is specific for returning Castelli customers. Click on the highlighted red FasCat 23.1 REORDER (next to the date Closes 2/8/2023)

Don’t click on any previous project you’ve purchased.

Step 4. You’ll access the FasCat store

For Castelli customer service, reach out to Paul Whitfield (thanks Paul!)

It should look like this

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 3.07.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 1.31.00 PM

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Frank, quick question. I have a Castelli long sleeve L that fits fine. The sizing chart for the FASCAT jersey says that I should be a M. How does the jersey’s fit? Pro style. Recreational? Any assistance here. I gather that it’s non-refundable or even not swappable if I get the wrong size.


Hi Frank - here is a sizing chart. The castelli website also has pretty good sizing videos. This is the Competizione line of jerseys.

You could ask Castelli about refunds or swaps

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Happy Friday everyone - just a friendly reminder that our Castelli store closes this coming Wednesday, Feb. 8th.

“Get your Watts and Cheetah Spots”

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 1.31.00 PM