California Bike Races as Part of ATP

Hey There,

I’m just about finished with the Strava PR >15 mins advanced plan in preparation for Phil’s Fondo end of October. I’m starting to look forward to 2020 and about to get going on the 32-Week Off Season Resistance + Sweet Spot Base plan.

Wondering, is there a resource for finding what races are available on the annual calendar in my area (Southern California)? It seems like a lot of organized races are really just rides without any element of competition or racing. I just did Levi’s Gran Fondo and it was beautiful but “racing” that course felt a little out of place + the results are a mess. I’m looking at L’etape California in June but would love to find some other road races that might fit the bill so I can start building out my annual training plan.

Any and all suggestions are very welcome! Thanks in advance. Loving the training so far.


@kylec_martin - for the road racing check out the link @chadjfischer just sent you.

For gravel and Fondo & Gravel stuff you kinda just have to pay attention to the cycling community - most of it is advertised on social media.

The Belgian Waffle Ride in super popular in Sand Diego in May. Stadda Rossa in March as well as the Malibu Fondo, also in March.

There’s a Mulholland Challenge in April, the Rock Cobble in February and you can google all of these for more info

Thanks you both! I realize this forum is training specific but I didn’t know where else to turn and structuring my training accordingly was hurting as a result.

Again, sincere thanks for the help here. I’m seeing great results from the KOM plan and looking forward to the upcoming resistance training and sweet spot plans over the winter months.

Will keep you posted :pray:t3: if you want to drive to the north a bit. typically longer races than socal.

Thanks Kip! Bookmarked. Love it up north. Will definitely put a few you on the calendar. Cheers.