Bummed - Ontario announces gym closures for at least 21 days

Pretty bummed having just returned from the gym this morning and having a great 1st strength session from the 10 Wk Weight training plan. - was much easier than hypertrophy as mentioned in the workout notes and I did awesome with my diet over the holidays too! Don’t have any weights at home so I"ll follow the plan the rest of the week except for the gym on Thursday and then start my 18 week SS early - what else can you do?

Anyone else here from Ontario and affected by this?


Hi Gavin,
I am from Vancouver, BC and our gyms shut down 2 weeks ago. I purchased adjustable kettle bell and dumbbells from Facebook Market place which has great pricing point. I also have TRX which comes handy and not too expensive if you buy a knockout one from Amazon. I also bought a chin-up bar from Amazon as well. Also not too expensive I converted regular squat to goblet squat using kettle bell and deadlift with dumbbells. Of course not the same as working out at the gym but it will do for a while.
Hope it works out for you and this round of shut down will be over soon.