Block periodization plans?

Do you guys have any plans that have block periodization? (Front loaded overload. Week of frequent V02 workouts, followed less frequent workouts)


Sweet Spot Part 4: Polarized uses a 2 day block rest day model followed by the 3 > 4 > 5 minute VO2MAX Interval progression.

Have a look at the 2 week example calendar posted here:

Thanks for the quick response. Good plan, I did that last summer. What if you ‘overcooked’ the first week? Thursday, Sat & Sun repeat the V02 Tuesday workout. Then carry on with plan?

I believe this is called reverse periodization?

I believe you are asking if you did your heavy week (high TSS) first and then tapered down the next two weeks and then did your rest week. Is that correct?

P.S. Think you might find this podcast helpful @njtroia!

Thanks. Specifically, was actually referring to the below approach by another coach. Wanted to see if you had a similar plan, or any thoughts on the science.

This plan is based off the research done on block periodization. The high intensity workouts are preloaded in the first week with just one high intensity workout each week after. This method has shown a greater increase in performance over a more traditional plan. This plan is suitable for most disciplines of cycling including road, mtb, gravel, cyclocross, etc.

Watch my video on block periodization for more information:

Jah…That’s what our sweet spot part 4 polarized plan is

Got it, thanks Frank.

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