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@Fascat coaches:

So as i said in one of my topics, in the long run i’m palnning to hire a Fascat coach.
Currently i’m going through the 32 week Training plan since i have no events this year. So at the moment my only goal is to increase fitness and FTP.
My goal is to take part in Fondos next year and maybe add some Zwift races on Saturdays for example.
With this whole Covid situation, exact dates of the Fondos i want to take part of are still unclear, so my guess would be sometime between May and September…

With this being said, what would be the best time later this year to hire a coach? As in, to make sure i start preparing the whole season with a coach and prepare the season to perfection so i can be in top shape for my events?

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Bruno Feijão

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Hi @brunocfeijao - the best time to hire a coach is yesterday!

Everyday counts towards your goals whether they are next week, month of year. Olympic athletes are training for 2021 but also 2024.

A coach will help you make the most of everyday from the moment you hire them. The sooner you start the more you can improve and the higher the goals you can set.

As a training plan athlete we waive the $99 start up fee. If you want to fill out our new athlete questionnaire you can talk to a coach - all consultations include a historical data review including your PMC chart, your FTP and big picture, 10,000 foot considerations.

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Thx for the answer.
I do realize that the sooner the better but for several reasons at this moment, hiring a coach isn’t possible. And also, i have the 32 week plan that i’m going through right now, and would like to at least get some more training done with this training plan since i spent money on it hehe.

So in your opinion, what would be the latest possible time i could hire a coach in order to plan a season for next year @FRANK

The longer you wait, the less we can help you.

Simple as that. You may start anytime. There is no such thing as the ‘right answer’ - whenever you want more help than your training plan is giving.

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Thank you once again for your time and your answer.
I understand your pov and it makes total sense. Gonna think it through and see when it’s a good time financially to start.

Ty Bigcat