Best plan for 15 weeks until Sprint Triathlon

Hey FasCats!

I have 4 weeks until I finish ‘weight lifting for cycling’ and then have 15 weeks until my ‘A’ race - European Qualifier Sprint Triathlon. After listening to your ‘How to Pair and Sequence our Cycling Training Plans’ podcast my thoughts are:

7 weeks sweetspot (should I do Sweetspot Training Plan 1, 2 or 3?)
1 week training camp (to raise CTL). I can sort this myself = 4-5 days of 3-4 hour sweetspot rides
6 weeks intervals (specific to 750m swim / 30 mins bike / 5k run)
1 week taper

Please advise if this makes sense, and if so which plan(s) should I purchase, please?

I have around 10 hours a week to train and willing to #ftfp

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Hey @simonstark_toller

I would recommend Sweet Spot 2.
Then for your race prep I would use our plan. This plan is good for both beginners and experienced racers as it touches quality systems. Go for the intermediate plans for the amount of training time you have available.

Best of luck!

Hi Isaiah

Great - thank you for your recommendations.

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