Best approach for maintaining fitness with reduced workload


I started the 18 week Sweet Spot plan about 3 weeks, really enjoy it and made great improvements. FTP 278 to 308 and CTL 49 to 59. However, as always, life has force a timeout on me. I can not longer ride 12 hours a week or so with the advanced plan.

My sewer backed up and flooded a portion of my basement. I had a crew handled the clean up process but the rebuilding process I am taking on myself. Mainly due to the fact that every contractor is 3-4 months out due to Coronavirus delays.

How do I adjust my training to maintain fitness? I can spare about an hour 4 or 5 days a week.

Thank you for any input.

I would just back off the zone 2 time before and after the efforts. Complete the intervals and efforts as planned or as close as possible. Get the most out of training by completing the sweet spot and tempo efforts. This will make the training time you have the most efficient. You want to get the TSS up in the short amount of time. That is the work you put in. Still follow the plan as close as possible as it will have a good progression of intensity and recovery. Like I said just cut back on the zone 2 time as needed.

I appreciate it Jake.

I will just focus on the interval portion of the workouts.

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