Basic vs Advanced Climbing Intervals Plan


I purchased and I’m following the Advanced version of the Climbing Intervals Plan. Some of the student-athletes on the team I coach (NICA high school / middle school team) also bought the plan but I instructed them to purchase the Basic version since they ride under 8 hours per week. I was trying to coordinate things and saw that they have Tabatas interval but I have FRC/Supra intervals. I was just curious why the advanced doesn’t do Tabatas and/or does basic ever do the FRC?



Hey @bryant.likes !
Which day of the climbing plan are you looking at?
The basic plan does include the FRC/Supra Intervals as well.

The MTB Climbing Intervals plan, week 2 on Tuesday.

I will send you a screenshot of a comparison of week 2 for both of those plans.
As you’ll see they both have FRC/Supra threshold intervals, except the basic plan does 3x10’s and the advanced does 3x12’s

Thanks Lacey! I think the parent must have purchased the wrong plan. :slight_smile:

Actually the parent bought the right plan but applied the wrong one. :smiley: Should be good to go now. Thanks again for your help.

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