Base to race question

I recently bought the 16 weeks of sweet spot and the fondo plan. I bought them thinking the fondo plan was for when I switch from base to race. It looks like this is just an abbreviated base plan. My races are all fondos and one stage race. Should I have bought the road race plan to use when I go from base to race? Thanks in advance.

Not necessarily @dholohan - most Fondo’s are true true tests of your endurance (5+ hour events) so the plan prepares you accordingly.

One the other hand if you are going to race your Fondo like a road race - sure you could benefit from a road race interval plan. You could even shift your training from the Fondo plan to the road interval plan after your 1st fondo if you plan to race more. Then it’s a win win where you get the benefit of both physiological adaptations.

But I’d start with the Fondo plan - they are plenty of intervals in there to switch from base to race

@FRANK thanks I think I’ll give it a shot I’ll do sweet spot, fondo, and after the fondo line up the race intervals plan for the next fondo. I appreciate the advice Coach Frank.

I think that is a very well rounded high performance plan :muscle: