Average or normalized power?

Hey Coach,
Just started doing one of your SS training plans. For those longer weekend rides where I’m supposed to keep my power at, say, x watts, is that average or normalized power? There’s always about a 20W difference around here due to all the hills. Thanks!

For longer weekend group rides you can look at your normalized power! At the end of the workout you can look at your power by zones. Ideally you come away with the amount of time you were looking to get at sweet spot, i.e 45 minutes, 60 minutes or etc.

Also you can look at your intensity factor during a group ride. You will want that to be around .84 - .96 Then you know you are riding in your sweet spot zone on average.

You can make the group ride a lap and than also look at just the norm power and intensity factor of the group ride activity.

Here is a great training tip on it!