ATP setup - Base and Build

This will be the first time I created my ATP for 2020 in TrainingPeaks. I plugged in a few A and B events, and it calculated the weeks for Base and Build including weekly TSS. My question is how do I apply your SS1, SS1, SS2 plans. Is SweetSpot1 equal to Base1, SweetSpot2 equal to Base2, etc…? Then what do I use for Build1, Build2, Build3? Do I set Recovery Cycle to 3 weeks and use the validate the planned weekly TSS?

The ATP in Base1 has week1, week2, week3, week4. Then it moves to Base2 and repeats week1-week4, twice. For Base1 weeks 1-4, do I apply SweetSpot1 weeks 1-4? Then in Base2 use SweetSpot2 weeks 1-4, repeated? The same for Base3, using SweetSpot3? Then I Build1, Build2, Build3 use a specialty plan (Gravel, etc…) working backwards from the event date?

I really enjoyed following the FasCat structured plans in 2019, by first full year of following structured training. I enjoyed HUGE results, although realized I “peaked” in June and kind of burned out (faded away) in September leading up to an October gravel event. Looking forward to using this knowledge and experience to improve in 2020. Thanks in advance.

Hi Steve!

Don’t get too caught up in that ATP and the wording of Base, Build and etc.

For me the best thing is to work backwards from your A race. The week of and before you want that to be taper weeks. Then 6 weeks of race specific plan / intensity such as the gravel plan. Then before that you want to do complete sweet spot plans, and your weight resistance program. Depending on how many weeks you have till you need to start that race specific plan really depends on how much sweet spot you can get in.

So it should look like this:
10 weeks of resistance training
12 - 18 weeks of sweet spot (Sweet spot 1, 2, 3)
6 weeks race specific
1 - 2 week (taper)

Then to help avoid a burn out you should take a good week or two easy and rest after your early seasons goal. Then you can do another block or two of the sweet spot plan followed by another race specific plan.

6 - 12 weeks of sweet spot
6 weeks race specific
End seasons goal races
3 weeks fall foundation
2 weeks off season

That kind of is the outline of the year. Things can get a bit more detailed based on personal goals, races, work, vacation and etc but that is how I would line up our prebuilt training plans.

Hope that helps.

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Is there a separate cycling plan one can buy to complement the resistance phase if you have your own strength training plan?

There is not because the two need to work together in synergy. Its not how much you can lift, its how fast and the ability to transfer that strength from the weight room onto the bike. Our 10 week resistance training plan does just - its about increasing your power output in our 4 phase cycling specific lifts with accompanying neuromuscular sprint workouts:

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