ATP for cycling and backcountry skiing

Hope this isn’t off topic for this forum, but…Is anyone else here doing this? I’m typically peaking for skiing big Sierra peaks about now after ski training all winter. I don’t race anymore but still enjoy the local club rides, hard gravel tours, adventure epics, etc. but I’m not super happy with my transition from skiing to riding…I’d like to have a better base and peak for both sports over the next few years but I’m struggling with integrating the two. I lift and ride/ski a few times each in week and can generally get volume in on the weekends for either/both depending on the time of year and weather. 41 YO, 8-15 hours is about what I can handle for time commitment (wide variation as weekdays are limiting to 1-1.5ish hours/day and weekends I can find time for big days). Any ideas or thoughts?

It’s impossible to have a true peak for two different sports. Yes you can be very aerobically fit but won’t be at your best compared to those who spend 9-12 months dedicated to one.

However you can be good at both. Once skiing is over focus on cycling for the summer. As summer winds down you can add your skiing and start to focus on that.

As for weight training you shouldn’t mix lower body with riding. It does take its toll. It’s more of an off-season activity to build muscle. I can’t speak for skiing.

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