Ask a Fascat question

My name is Wayne Intihar and am 45 year old male living in FL. I would like to say that I have been a coached and a FTFP athlete with FasCat for about 1.5 years now and love the programs and process you provide. Not only have they made me a stronger rider but have helped me with my recovery after being hit by a motorist not paying attention almost 2 years ago. This guy left me on the side of road fighting for my life. The journey has been long and painful but love the structure and accountability your plans offer. I’m not sure I could have done it without your help. So on to my question??? Which is 2 fold. I am an avid podcast listener and have not heard much about these two topics which is probably due to my lack of experience cycling being a younger rider, not in age but experience, with only 3 years of riding time under my belt. 1. What are some techniques I can use during training to help maintain a proper cycling posture? That is I am mainly a handle bar hood rider and find it difficult to maintain a more aerodynamic position with my hands in the drop bar position? I don’t feel horribly uncomfortable in the drop position but do find that my legs get more fatigued while in this position. Does the drop bar position work a different angle or section of the legs quads or hams? 2. I don’t hear much about cadence work and realized that cadence is largely specific to the rider and fitness level. As a rider with an average cadence of 76 can see the benefits of raising my cadence over an extended time frame to say 80. What is the best way to raise cadence levels while training? Thank you in advance for all your time you and your team commit to. Top notch!!!