Are the Intro Winning in the Kitchen Meal Plans meal plans adjusted for different athletes needs?

On the new Winning in the Kitchen Meal Plans, are there any allowances for different people?
Ex: 120 lb Female vs a 190lb Male

  • Derek Smith (Submitted on the Private Facebook page)

Hey Derek — Great question,thanks for asking!

As the name suggests, the introductory meal plan is focused on introducing athletes to eating & preparing a variety of nutritious foods. My goal with this plan is to help athletes, who may have barely cooked before, who have relied heavily on processed foods or who have little free time, to the winning in the kitchen concepts that Frank has talked about for so long. For that reason, the plan is very basic and a calorie count is not included (though I can provide it).

I am however, working on developing a weight loss and an advanced maintenance meal plan that will be offered in numerous “levels” based on an athletes weight, gender and activity level so that it better meets their nutritional needs. I am also offering one-on-one nutrition counseling for those athletes who are serious about nutrition and want more guidance for how to reach their goals, whether that be to lose weight, gain lean muscle or to just perform better. :slightly_smiling_face: