Are beet juice and arugula cheating me?

Hey all,

I eat arugula daily and when I have a hard workout on the trainer, I will down the beet juice about an hour before the workout. Both make a noticeable difference by making the hard workouts easier to deal with. Lower heart rate, easier breathing, more comfortable in general while I slog through SS stuff on the trainer. My question is, should I be doing this? Am I cheating myself out of gains? Like I said, I eat arugula just about every day with my lunch salad…lots of it. As for beet juice, I only use that when the workout appears to be extra effort. The beet thing is like once or twice a month.

Thanks in advance!


Hey @aaronboone, not sure how we missed this post but to answer your question… no, not at all! The nitrates present in beets and arugula are au naturel! They have been thoroughly researched and are proven to be an ergogenic aid, allowing you to exercise or longer and at a higher intensity. As a result you are actually able to make MORE gains if anything, not less :slight_smile: