Applying your FasCat Training plan on your mobile device

You can now upload your new FasCat training plan using a mobile device! Follow these simple steps to upload your training plan. Remember you need to either have or sign up for TrainingPeaks account before purchasing the plan.

  1. In your email associated with your TrainingPeaks account you will receive an email sharing the training plan you purchased. Click accept plan.

  1. It will ask you to login into your TrainingPeaks account. Log in.

  2. It will again ask you to accept the plan once you are logged into TrainingPeaks


  1. Once you accept the plan you can apply the plan on the TrainingPeaks mobile App. Open the TrainingPeaks mobile app and click on more.

  1. That will bring you to the menu where you can choose Training Plans.

  1. Then you select the training plan you are looking to apply

  2. Then select apply to calendar.

  1. Finally you will choose what date you would like your training plan to start on.

Congratulations you have now successfully applied your FasCat training plan. Now all you need to do is #FtFP and reep the rewards of your hard work!