Am I on the right plan?

Hello, Looking at my training for the year, my A race is Leadville (assuming I get in) and have planned as such. I have planned 18 weeks of SS base (intermediate), Climbing intervals (advanced), and then the Leadville Plan (intermediate). The issue I am seeing is the leadville plan itself is actually causing my CTL and Form to be lower than before I started the leadville plan. Start of Leadville plan: 89 CTL, 33 TSB ; Race Day: 73 CTL, 30 TSB. Should I be doing the advanced Leadville plan instead to maintain higher fitness? I have included a chart of planned fitness for reference. I did this same iteration last year and did feel good, but am always looking to improve.
Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 1.00.35 PM

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Your CTL will drop because your ride load will drop the closer you get to the race so you’re feeling fresh! There is an included taper week for that race. 30TSB is still very good!

Hope that helps!!
-Coach Allie

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TSB is what matters on race day and in order to achieve a good TSB you need to back off your CTL which your training plan does.

Here’s the formula: