All things Rebecca's Private Idaho!

For all of you doing Rebecca’s Private Idaho in a few weeks, we like to think we officially have the best race analysis, breakdown, and advice on the internet :wink:

Yesterday we recorded a podcast and video breakdown of the course analysis, equipment considerations, and how to approach training for the key factors of the race. You can check it all out on our training tip:

I’ll see ya there!

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Hey Jackson,

Thanks for all of the info on the Baked Potato- I think I have my plan dialed! But, I am going to do the full stage race, so I have 2 questions on the first two stages, which I think are the same as what you did last year:

  1. The official rules for the stage race this year say that you can change gearing and tires, but must use the same frame for the 3 stages. So, I am planning to run some 45mm tires on the first stage (which are the biggest I can cram in my gravel frame), but what gearing should I use? I can change the direct mount chain ring on my 1X. Just how steep are the climbs on that stage?
  2. I think I’ll throw my 32mm gravel king slicks on for the TT hill climb, does that sound right?