age related decline

Hi Frank,

Long time listener to your podcasts. I really enjoy your podcasts and how you breakdown the scientific training process into achievable training goals for real world people.

As a 47 year old bike racing dad of twins with a stressful job, I’m really intrigued by your discussions on age related decline, and as an engineer, I can appreciate the science behind it. However, I would like to hear your thoughts on my situation as a late blooming athlete who is still posting power PRs at age 47.

I began athletics/bike riding at age 25 after several years as a stock car driver. After 5 years of riding, I trained with power in 2003/2004 and posted 20 minute power at 400W. Fast forward to now, and I can hold 400W for about an hour at about the same weight (175lbs). I was expecting to hit age related decline at age 40, and have continued to post PRs, most recently with a top 20 finish at DK in 2019.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how it may be possible for late-blooming athletes to post PRs after age-related decline begins to set in.

Mike Barton


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Great question and from what you are describing (smashing watts and setting PR’s, top 20 at the DK) you haven’t yet to begun experiencing age related decline! Count yourself lucky my man.

Age related decline in performance is highly individual - for some it happens in their early 40’s, others perhaps like you not until the 50’s. Roll with it and keep going - sounds like you have nailed your training and recovery which is no small feat as a Dad and stressful job holder.

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