After the 18 Week SS Plan

My 2020 goal is pretty singular - to ride the 6 Gap Century (end of Sept-around 11K feet of climbing) as good as I can ride it (as in better than 2019). My tentative plan is to start off Feb with the 18 week SS plan (I will be riding in the interim, BTW). That gets me to early June which is roughly 16 weeks before the event. What plan or plans should I be looking at in that summer timeframe (or maybe I should move my SS18 schedule)?



Merry Xmas :santa:@daveleenc - two things:

#1 lift weights BEFORE you begin 18 wks SST:

then after your 18 wks SST - “Switch from Base to Race” (listen to the podcast/see the video) and do our Hill Climbing Intervals Plan:

Line all that up and :boom:I predict a great season !

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Thanks for the response. Would I be correct in assuming that I can follow the Climbing Training plan even though I don’t have access to long climbs where I train (lots of short up and downs). I do have a spin bike with Garmin Vector pedals so can simulate if required. dave

Whether you have climbs to train on and up does not change the fact that that the best preparation for the goal you have chosen is to climb.

As Coach @Jake says, ‘watts are watts’ so if you #FtFP with the training resources you have that’s the best you can do .

You can also travel to North Georgia and climb :muscle:

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