Adjusting plan in TP while keeping plan in order

I want to do something else on days of plan work. How do I go about adjusting the schedule so that a day or two of something else is put in place of the planned training days, while keeping the plan so that the missed and future training days stay in order, move forward, in TP?

Also how long is the TP premium account good for?

Thanks for response, enjoying the plan!

To add a workout you should be able to just click on the day, not the workout, and a box will open asking which type of workout and etc you’d like to add.

Premium code is good for 30 days.

I’d like the workout(s) for that day that are being replaced to move to the following day, along with the rest of the workouts advancing a day (or however many days that are being replaced). How is that done?

Left click > drag n drop . Do each day one at a time.