Adjust w/o after travel hell

So, 2 hour flight to NYC became 10 hours of hell that delivered me to hotel 7 am. late dinner and then 2 hour delay next am. Tried to FtFP when got away from office Tuesday afternoon. It called for VO2’s. Needless to say they sucked hugely and I could not stay on power goal. How should plan be adjusted after life throws that type curveball? Was really, really motivated (had listened to FtFP podcast on flight home) to nail the w/o but legs said no.

Easier workout after a hard day like that, typically the Thursday workout. Then the intense and hardest workout the following day hopefully after getting some rest and balance back. That’s an option.

Thanks. Was thinking Delta hated me, but they only made me two hours late on the Tuesday flight. Sunday night involved 3 hour delay, diversion to DC, Amtrak to Penn station, etc. one hour sleep in total.