Adjust Road Racing in Season training days

I purchased Road Racing in Season Intermediate plan and I’d like to have Saturdays off to spend with family and Sundays I can be riding the entire day, usually a group ride. Can train on all other days early mornings. How would you recommend I move the training days around?

Gave it a shot myself and applied the plan starting on Saturday. This automatically gave me Saturdays off and then I swapped weekend group rides days to Sundays. Now what I see is that some other days are off and some days have multiple trainings per day. Is it best to do the multiple training one after the other, without rest or move the 2nd training to the off day? I only have so much time in the morning before the family wakes up and no time to train later in the day.

By multiple trainings, do you meant the revo, foundations and yoga?
Other than that, the only days you should have 2 workouts is the day before a race is scheduled. This allows you to choose to do either leg openers or a workout if you do not race that weekend. You do no do both of these workouts.