Added Sugars: Yay or Nay for Athletes?

HEY FASCATS! New #winninginthekitchen blog post is up!

We have gotten a lot of questions about whether or not athletes should eat sugar or have a sweet treat every now and then, so we decided to go in-depth, show you how to be a sugar detective and explain why added sugar is not “bad” for athletes when consumed appropriately

If you have any questions we didn’t answer or want more info on a topic we covered, drop us a comment!

Took a trip to see my parents and my mom sent me back with 2 packages of Oreos, chocolate chip cookies and 2 boxes of Oreo cereal. Is that bad? Winning in the kitchen has never been so hard! I can’t offload it fast enough on my kids.


They’re vegan so they’re basically a salad :man_shrugging:

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Cool! I also make sure to break them because Phil use to say a broken cookie has less calories.


@chad @Jake I cant even lie and say I dont love me some oreos. But hey, at least you have kids to devour them… All I have is myself lol.
Speaking of the kids though, would be fun to make banana ice cream with them after a ride and throw the oreos in there. A little healthier take on oreos and cream :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: