Adaptation question

This is the second year I am doing off season training plan. I noticed in the training peaks explanation, “ Squats, Leg Press & Leg Curl + Strength & Mobility Movements”.

What is strength and mobility movement exactly? Does the training plan outline this?

Also, do these training plan get update annually or anything like that?

Thanks for the information, podcasts and training plans!


Morning @jeremydeibert87

The Strength and mobility movements are the extra credit stuff thats in the plan that goes a long way. So the Nino circuit, Revo work, band work, and others that are listed in your plan.

We do at times make updates when it is something drastic, but no the plans do not get updated annually.


Isiah, thanks for response. The only thing I can find in my plan is the Resistance worksheet, excel and nino’s. Nothing about revo and bands? I must not be looking in the right places!


Double check the recovery days. Will be listed as Revo, Foundations, foam rolling and so on. You will find it in one of those boxes. The “bands” are listed as skate and hydrant.