Achieving racing weight in semi-preseaon

Being a little behind on my nutrition and racing weight goals, I am trying to lose that last 5 lbs. before my racing season is in full swing. It all comes down to calories in vs. calories out. Carb timing and utilization is key. Here is what I currently do: fully maintain a good level of muscle glycogen for the Tuesday night worlds. Then for the rest of the week (until Sunday, my eat anything day ), since I am not racing yet I go calorie deficient on the weekends and towards the end of the week. Its about carb and calorie timing for me. The problem is that it is so darn hard to ride and train. I’ve read Matt Fitzgerald’s book and read your blogs on here and I understand that being carb and glycogen depleted on a training ride is not good for making gains. But the way I look at it is that I would prefer to sacrifice a few early season endurance training rides for a couple weeks if it will get me to my ideal racing weight.
With all of that said, I can’t be the only masters racer out there that has gotten a little behind on their weight and had to lose a few pounds whilst trying to train. Does anyone have tricks or hacks to win the head game with the calorie deficit?

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Hi @llaw21411 - a conundrum for sure. These two training tips might help

and I find the biggest tip is to continue to fuel but eat more vegetables (w/ every meal) + avoid the go slow foods and I know you know what those are.

Obviously #WinInTheKitchen

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I know it’s not the “sexiest” answer, but the best method of losing weight healthfully is a long term process and a lifestyle. It’s hard to lose weight acutely without sacrificing performance, so be mindful of compromising your training. Best advice I can give in this situation is to focus your meals around whole foods, with a ton of vegetables to maintain the volume of food but by increasing the fiber, you drop calories a bit. Just be careful to not undereat - you still need to fuel the body, so instead of choosing white rice, try brown, fruit for dessert instead of cookies, big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, etc.

Hope that helps! Look at the big picture and work from there, but know that it’s often very difficult to simultaneously lose weight and go faster. Best of luck!



I am in the same boat here. My preferred mid-season race weight is around 163 lbs. but I’m at 170 as of this morning. Interestingly, during the Off-season resistance plan I found myself down to 167 without even trying. I attribute this to the sheer amount of work I was doing plus extra protein each day. But I can’t afford to go back into the weight room as I just started “Intervals for Road and Crit Racing” Plan. So I am going to try and focus on GREATER quantity IN vs. Calorie restriction. What do I mean? Well, in the past, I’ve gotten to race weight by focusing on eating less but it’s so damn hard and I think I always lost some power. In Coach Frank’s “Weight Loss for Cyclists” from Sept. 2018 , he talks about eating more fruits, snack on raw vegetables, eat more vegetables, salads for dinner, Kale and Spinach… Looks like Big Cat is beating a dead horse with a carrot stick! But there’s logic here. If we are so stinkin’ full on fibrous veggies (and WATER - how on Earth am I going to get 170 oz. of water down each day?) we won’t have any room for anything else! So, each week I will head to my favorite health food store COSTCO, with the goal of getting through the big bag of Power Greens ($4.99 for smoothies and salads), 2lb carton of blueberries ($6.99), large bunch of bananas, and large bag of broccoli ($5.99). We also get the 24 pack of Cage-free eggs which my 5 y/o helps me destroy each week.

Between power eggs for breakfast each day, tuna wraps with brown rice & broccoli, apple and nut butter for lunch, Gallons of water, green smoothie with kale and spinach (banana, blueberries, & canned pineapple) for afternoon snack and dinner salads with protein; I’m hoping the weight comes down by mid-June with zero power lost. We’ll see!