A little funny regarding my first workout today

A little funny story, I just started the 18 week SS plan. So yesterday I completed my FTP test and updated my zones in TrainingPeaks. Today was my first session.
I didn’t sync my Wahoo after updating my zones after yesterday’s FTP test - no wonder why I thought the warm up was a little “hot” and the first 1.5 intervals felt more like an FTP test as I was targeting what had previously been sync’d prior to my FTP test so the zones didn’t update so I was pretty much riding in V02 Max :face_vomiting: which kinda seriously had me reconsidering the intermediate plan and maybe I should down grade to beginner if this is just the beginning LOL until I went back as I recalled reading the daily email workout summary and checked the details and scaled it back a bit - needless to say I made it green and the last half of the session was a breeze HAHAHA! :grin:



HAH, you know @Gavin I doubt you are the only one to have made this mistake! Glad you figured out the issue and were able to FtFP the rest of the workout. Good news is that compared to that effort, the rest of your plan will seem much more manageable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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