A & B races months apart- ideas?

Hi everyone- 2020 was my first year of gravel racing and I am hooked. I’m lucky enough to have multiple events in my area. The two events I’m most psyched on, which I participated in this year and would like to improve on in 2021, are the Dead Swede in Sheridan, WY and the Fistful of Dirt in Cody, WY both ~100mi.

I live in the north country (Montana), but I am a pretty motivated Zwifter. Thus, I purchased the 18wks of Sweet Spot and the the Gravel Race plan- the timing should work out for the Dead Swede, which should be happening on June 5th, 2021.

The Fistful of Dirt, however, is over the Labor Day weekend. What is your recommendation on how to bridge that nearly 3 month gap? If I had to pick, Swede would be my B race and Fistful of Dirt my A.

On another note (maybe a new topic?), I do a ton of ski touring in the winter, typically days of 4-6 hrs out with 3-8k’ elevation gain. I have done zone based heart rate training for racing in the past and typically pay attention to it even on recreational tours. What are your thoughts on how this type of training could apply to a base period of cycling training? Applicable at all?

Thanks for the sale and the podcast, I have learned tons from it.

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Right on @nick.stayner this is where using the Performance Manager Chart in TrainingPeaks is so SO helpful. You can model out your training load (CTL) and plan your builds and taper for just the right amount of “Form” (TSB) for both races.

You are all set for A race June 5th. Then I’d take a week of chill riding at a reduce volume almost like a mid-season break and then begin building back up for the FistFul of Dirt in September it sounds like.

Sweet Spot 4 comes to mind and then repeating your gravel plan. If the Fistful of Dirt has a lot of climbing > 8,000 ft you would benefit from our hill climbing intervals plan as well. Hope that helps - good luck and here is the training tip to the Performance Manager Chart I mentioned:

Thanks Frank! I appreciate the post and links. Dead Swede (1st race, June 5) has a lot of climbing ~10k’, should I be working some hill intervals into the sweet spot & gravel plans for that peak?


Looks like you purchased the hill version of the gravel race plan, so you should be all set on getting your climbing practice in :slight_smile:

Thanks Lacey, I forgot about that!

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