6 week road intervals question

In a mid October I will be starting the 6 week road interval plan to peak for a hill climb race in December here in Florida. Will the 6th week of the plan have a taper to go into my event or will I need to plan an extra week to taper on top of the plan?

Tim Lesinski

Hi @timothy.lesinski -

If you’ve built well and your CTL has been rising steadily for 6 - 12 weeks prior to starting your Road Intervals Plan you can do our 2 week taper plan RIGHT before the race.

If your CTL has been holding steady (no build) you can go right into the race no taper but an easy rest week.

Feel free to share a 3-4 month + picture of your PMC Chart and I can answer better, too!

Ok, thanks Frank. I don’t have a premium training peaks account right now, so I can’t share my PMC at this moment. Judging by my Strava, my fitness has been slowly building over the last couple months, and is starting to level off.

Over the next 4 weeks I am planning on just holding on to my fitness due to time constraints, and I’ll have 4 weeks to build my fitness up a little more after that before starting the Road Racing intervals plan.

Ok here’s my PMC, I just got it from 30 days premium from purchasing the plan.

That big dip in fitness was from a break with Covid.